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What is the Iowa Industrial Energy Group?

Our activities include communications and networking on issues of energy regulation and public policy. We accomplish this by using our website, newsletters, updates, and two statewide education and information gatherings each year. We also promote advocacy with decision makers and legislators on energy issues of importance to the industrial energy user.

What would my role be with IIEG?

Participation levels vary, based on the member’s desired level of activity. All regular members are welcome to participate in all meetings, discussions, and events. Members receive the newsletters, have special access to hidden website links on the homepage,, and receive mailings and information on issues discussed at meetings. Each member entity is entitled to one vote at biannual meetings, which is cast by the entity’s representative. If you are an Associate Member, a member which uses energy and is not considered an industrial company, you do not vote. If you would like to take on extra responsibility, there are positions open on the Board of Executives.

What are the financial obligations if I join IIEG?

Dues are determined based on an estimate of annual energy usage and are assigned on an honorary basis. If your company’s annual energy use is less then one million dollars, dues are $300 per year. If your company’s annual energy use is between one and two million dollars, then dues are $500 per year. If your annual energy use is over two million dollars, dues would be $1,000 per year. If your company joins IIEG as an Associate Member, your dues are $750.

Your Annual Natural Gas & Electric Cost Annual Dues
$1,000,000 or less $  300.00
$1,000,000 – $2,000,000 $  500.00
Over $2,000,000 $1,000.00
Associate Member $  750.00

What amount of time would I commit to IIEG?

IIEG hosts two meetings annually; a Spring Conference in April and a Fall Conference in late September/early October. Meetings regarding particular local or utility issues, training sessions, or invitations to meet with various policymakers are ad hoc through the year and made known to the members as matters develop. The key advantage to membership is the dissemination of regular information in the newsletter and particularly the plain language energy case summaries. This information is not provided by any other organization in the state of Iowa!

What types of companies are members of IIEG?

Our members vary widely in size and energy use. Some of the larger industrial company members include John Deere Corporation, Cargill Incorporated, Vermeer Corporation, and GELITA USA.  Sioux City Compressed Steel Co., and Green Products to name just a couple, are some of the smaller industrial businesses. Associate members currently include Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy, Black Hills Energy, Kinect Energy Group, and ITC Midwest. For a complete list of members, please visit

According to current members, what is the best aspect of being an IIEG member?

Many of our members believe that networking is the most valuable feature of the Iowa Industrial Energy Group; meeting and getting to know other industrial business persons, learning about their challenges in the field, and problem solving. We encourage our members to communicate all year long, helping troubleshoot through their knowledge for other IIEG entities.

Who should I contact to become a member of the Iowa Industrial Energy Group?

Please contact Victoria Place, IIEG Executive Director.  Victoria would be happy to answer any questions you have and take your membership information. And remember, if your competitor is a member, and your friend is a member, then why aren’t you?

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